maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2011

Costume playing aka photo spammiN!

Me and my friend Minna was photoshooting today. It was costume playing, not cosplaying. I found some clothes from my closet, and dressed her and did her make up. Yeas, there was an actual idea of the dark eyebrows.

But the theme itself wasnt that sepcial. But it was fun! I love photographing, i love styling and i love to do make up! My other passion side make up is photographing. And dreaming little job in somekinda magazine..

I dont like bictures where a model is just standing front of wall. Pictures should be more 3D! Okey, i'm not a pro..dah! But i just know what i like, and what i dont like.

This isnt my favourite. But i kinda liked it. We didnt havemuch shots where she hold the berries.

This might be my favourite! I dont know why...the colors. I notices the yellow leafes AFTER shooting. I didnt but them there, but they worked indeed...
Didnt like this one so much. I'm more into "fashion/couture/beuty" shooting. This is just a girl sitting middle of the trees to me. But it's ok, but not so ok to put it on DA. Eventhou i spam there.

We missed the light in one point, so it's dark, i know. But it's kinda nice here. The look in her eye tells you she has a secred.

Ofcourse i asked Minna to spin for me with that dress! Lucky to me, some of them worked. But 70% of them didnt.

Yes, i have an issue with "double-pictures". Cant tell you why, but i just have it. But i'm trying to cut it down little pit. But it's hard!

Ofcourse i shoot also cosplay pictures! But i havent got cosplay models now, bit here's some my old work.

Here's not all. But i'm laredy stuffed this entry full of pictures. So i'm gonna quit now, before it exploses!

If anyone is interested to model for me, i would be more than happy!

sunnuntai 25. syyskuuta 2011

Desucon frostbite: Mad Moxxi

I have decided my other cosplay fro Desucon frostbite. I orginally had to do this cosplay for Tracon, but didnt have the time. But now i have the time, aaannd......i I can start the costume on time, because it has extra detailing!
Why this character? Well, i have long time to wanna cosplay a charater who has a megafone. And she has one! know. .. No binding with these C cups. I love her costume, it's so detailed. And kinda "dirty" looking. Like she is ready to kick some asses. Yeah..

I'll be trying to get a real megafone for this costume, but i have to paint it to look like it's old. It kinda looks like vintage music I dont know what it's called!

But yeah. I Decided to do this costume out of my list, and ofcourse gonna wear again after Frostbite. I'm not gonna do cosplays anymore what last only one A

lauantai 24. syyskuuta 2011

Video review #1

This is a first entry about this new thing i'm trying to do. Every weekend i'm writing about 3 diffrent cosplay parody videous. They can me serius, OC or very IC. Short intro, music video or just simply funny ass hell. But every rose has theyr thorns.. So i hope you enjoy my first review!

The Epicurean Daughter of Evil, Conchi BySupaMame

This group has only Vacaloid videous. Some of them more own songs, own costumes. But this has the orginal desing with it. And the song. I was relly suprised how good it was, and i'm not relly into vocaloid that much! The lipsincing, editing. Everything seems relly great here. They have not always been this good. If i remember right, some of the older ones were kinda.....well.A nemic. Editing might been good, but the lipsincing looking like a duck who trying to get a fly in his mouth. But wow, they have improved so much! I cant wait for new video from them!! But one thing is kinda scaring me. Meiko's dark eye make up. It looked familiar, and took me a while to remember where have i seen it before. Well hello Natalie Portman! I know they might have a great inside story with it, like ....everyone who has that make up are pretty much posessed?
Rating for this video: 9

"Pretty Little Boy With A Sour Attitude" by PhantomhiveService

These two girls makes my day. Theyr videous are so random, and still Sebastian has it's poker face 24/7. One of the reasons i respect them, theyr cosplays might not be always "perfect" in every video. Because it mights be more closet cosplay, but! My eyes get relly teary always! They might not have be the best camera quality neither, but heck! That dosent matter! When ever they have a new video, i get all excited. Not every cosplay parody has to be serius, IC.... that much. But if it makes me laugh, it works. But every rose has theyr thorns. Sometimes i'm little pit confuced about Claudes over draw'd eyebrows. They are funny, making me laugh. But i would love to see them do them right. Also, i think theyr Undertaker is not brave enough front of the camera! It's just me, but i think his laugh seems too fake. But i do like him thou. He's relly sweet undertaker. Maybe they'll get him more brave in the future.

Rating for the video: 8½

"After the party-Eileen" By:

Not every cosplay video needs a big dialog or other characters. I actually like this one, because it's simple. And she relly looks like the character, the dress is just PERFECT! Like i sayd, sometimes you dont need to do much to entertain me and do a small cosplay video. I like these kinda "small" parodies. I think there should be more of them. I like how she edited the soundtrack and the games voicedtrack in the end. She looked like she relly screamed like Eileen in the game. Throns. I think with little pit more time and ideas, this would been better. Not saying it should have other characters with it, or budjed. But 'd liked if Eileen would have climped thoe stairs and falling off down and down again and again. And maybe had something blocking her way. Because walking drunk at night home, it might be like that for LOT of people. It would been funny.

Rating for the video : 7½

Do you have in mind a cosplay video i should review next time? Leave me a link below!

maanantai 19. syyskuuta 2011

ciel phantomhive tutorial


This entry is gonna be short. But gonna do it anyway!

I did a Ciel Phantomhive cosplay make up tutorial few days ago. My friend Mari-Anne had the cosplay, and i decided to do it on her. So not gonna use my butt ugly face in every video. Yay!
It was easy to do, and fun to do it on another person. I also putted false eyelashes on her, first time ever to put lashes on another person. Amazingly it was waaaayy easier to put on your on eye! Maybe because you can see where you are poking them?
Every comment, view , thumps up and SUBSCRIBE gives me more hope.

I would not usually use black eyeliner in crossplay, but this serie is one of the rare ones where it works. Same thing with the eyelashes. Because some pictures he has loong lashes. Like a freaking doll. But i would not use any lipcolor or..blushes. That might get too far. But thats my opinion. You guys can what ever you want!

I have my inpsiration back on.

I will be doing a tutorial again tomorrow. But it's gonna be more like inspirited look, more than the actual make up from someone.

The theme?

lauantai 17. syyskuuta 2011

Strawberry panic! Cosplay group to Desucon Frostbite.

I decided to be an early worm this time. Even for one costume. I wanna wear my Strawberry panic cosplay again at next years first con. Desucon frostbite. Ofcouutrse i'm gonna fix it. But it's pretty much done.

And, i wanna do a group! Not just me and Nagisa.
There is alredy few characters taken. But i want them all..yes. I'm a greedy bastard! *evil a boss*

One thing i wanna look with the whole group are the heights! Yes you can wear heels if you are too short, etc. But i still do want it to look good. Like Amane should be the tallest, Shizume cant be shorted than Nagisa. Little pit abpwe her. But not taller then Amane.

Because of that, i am thinking if i should be Shizume or not this time. Becaus i'm not so tall, but tallter than Nagisa yes. And i do want to be Shizume! SHE HAZ BOOOBS! And i did wear heels for the cosplay at Tracon.

If i would not be Shizume,. Then i might have to be Tamao Suzumi. Girl with blue hair and a bon. I dont know but, yeah. Just thinking about it.

There characters are pretty much taken for now.
And ofcoure Nagisa and Shizume are taken,. But thats the fact you alredy know so need to show the pictures of them. Right?

But i still have no idea about the other day. But at least this one is alredy moving forward. And no need to tress about it. Heheh.

perjantai 16. syyskuuta 2011

Desucon frostbite

Frostbite is next yer the first place i'll be going. And i was thinking to be on time! Even with the other costume. The other might be just my old cosplay. I dont know. Well let's see..

I have actually no idea what i'll be doing. I was thinking about re-doing my Gankutsuou cosplay finally. Doing it soo muh better.. i like..cry blood when i see my cosplay when i did it the first and the second time. It would not be cold to wear, hehe.

The other idea was Inuyasha group with my Ranma gang, but they seem to have theyr own cosplays so that idea is pretty much off the list.

Aaannd....well. Thats pretty much it. I dont have clear mind right now. I'we lost my inspiration being way too much home alone and gaahh. I'm goig insane.

It would be great to have cosplay meeting here,. but who would be so inasen to come here?!
I cant go anywhere now, need to save money etc. Lalala and all that jazz. But i will be maybe doing a tutorial this weekend. least i will be trying.

sunnuntai 11. syyskuuta 2011


This entry isn't gonna be rainbows and chocolate chips. So if you dont relly wanna hear any kinda angst talk, i recommend to not to read this one.

I'm gonna talk about one thing now, so people understand fre things better about me.
The way i act in con's(happy, adhd everywhere and talkking to all) is because at home i'm so freaking lonely! I live with my mom still, because i cant go just like that. I have to have place to go, job or even school. And i dont have neither of those. I'm not working and i'm not in school, but i sure hope i was.

I dont relly have friends in Vaasa. Few yes, but they have work, school or theyr boyfriends, so we dont see each other often. Maybe if i'm lucky 3 times a month. Usually once. There are others too ofcourse, but busy and always going. They seem to have theyr own group. They known each other many many yers, so i understand that. And i'm kinda used to hear words like "i have work" etc. So in one point i stop asking them out. Even thou i miss them. But i'm just thired hearing it. And it gets me relly sad to hear it. So i quess i'm waiting to someone to ask me.

Ofcourse i have friends outside the Vaasa where i live. But indeed...outside..the..vaasa. Far away. I have two friends who talk to me almost everyday. Even call me. Other is Aino, from tampere and other is marika. Who lives all the way kemi! And then i have other relly good friends in ähtäri, Kouvola.......pretty much all the way finland. I'm happy i have that kinda friend. I love them all. Even those who i yet know that well, i love them.

So what i'm relly talking here is..Well, some peopel think i'm wannabee-epic-cosplayer that everyone knows about. I dont care about if someone thinks about that, but the truth is i act like that in cons only because iäm so happy if ANYONE talks to me and ask picture. it makes me feel i'm alive and free. I meet all my friends at the same time. It's like a freaking party! Ofcurse there is some sad moments as well, but pretty much it's all good. So good it makes me cry right now too. I miss that feeling.

I have nothing to do in whole month. Sitting front of computer...eating and..yeah. Thats about it. I just wish i would have that kind amoney to go see someone, or they would come here.



lauantai 10. syyskuuta 2011

Reira make up

Well hello there once again.

I did Reira's make up tutorial yesteday. IT's been on my to-do-list like 2 montsh now. But everytime i tried. It kinda failed i wasnt happy about it. But now i did it and i was happy. So i hope you guys like it too. BEFORE YOU JUDGE , i know this is kinda over the top make up. But this is more like the she could/wears on stage. The diva look. If you look some of her manga opictures, she has kinda strong eye. And i rather do strong eye on here, more than boring look. And did you know when you take pictures, your make up looses it's color 20%? So i did a strong make up. Thge lipstick can be little pit too much. But i kinda wanted to do it. But if you want, just skip that part and you're done! Or just do her everyday make up.

Me and my friend from Hyvinkää decided to do small close-cosplay together. I am anyway gonna cosplay reira in a Nana group. But with the real costume. This white dress was just found from my closet. The wig i alredy had. I just curled it with heat. And cutted the bangs. I'm not happy with the curly pink wigs i've seen in ebay. Too big curls or not enough. Nut yeha..anywa. I have to still style mine. It's not done.

My friend Tala did closet Shin. She didnt have the right wig yet, but hey thats just for fun. Nothing Serius. She alredy had the piercings done.

I hope someday we could get better pictures with better wigs, costumes and camera. These digicamera pictures are killing me! Here's by the way her blog. Check it out!

Here's the products i used in the video.

Everything i used.'s alot. Fake eyelashes, Avon palet, primer, lipstick palet, foundation consealer, loose eyeshadow, 'pores hide' make up, blush, mascara and browpencil.
I usually dislike loose/mineral eyeshadows. I have bad habbid to brake the ..thing where they are. And it's everywhere after that. But i relly relly relly like this one. it's like this pink-sand-skin color.So neutral.Okey. This solution is my best friend. I got it from my friend as a birthday gift. If you have big pores like me, or just even small ones you relly hate. When you use this under your foundation It will make them look smalle. Not taking them away,. but smaller looking. Who says you need to have perfect skin for cosplay? You can at least fake t. Heheh.

Here's the tutorial. Please comment, thumps up and sub. For every comment and view, you give me more hope for coming real make up artist.

keskiviikko 7. syyskuuta 2011

Strawberry panic extras

As promised. Here's some of the Strawberry Panic photoshoot pictures. But there was SOOOO MANY OF THEEMM. So i made a slideshow of them. And here's some of the "behind the scenes" pictures.

Here's the video.

And behind the scenes pictures.

My friend Henna fixing my hair. Arrhh..that wig was so heavy. it was actually two wigs together.

Cant hold the poker face that long. I was fixing my wig like a boss, so she kinda laughed.

We trying to be "playfull" well..that didnt work out. TURTLE NEEEEEEEEECKKKKKK


Me after taking the wig off. I think i was headbanging? But i look like i belong in the "like a boss" music video. Trololololololl

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hey bounceerrr

First of all. I cant belive i have 35 readers! That's maybe not so much for you guys, but for me it its. I created this blog and i had only 17 readres, or less. For loooooooooooooong time. Then i kinda killed this blog and i focused on my youtube channel. But when i lost my password and all in my other blog site, i thinked..ok..I will have to do something. So i kinda thinked to writre this more. And i have, i'm broud of myself. Yay! So what i'm talking here, thank you for followng me. I was thinking when i reach at least 50 readers, i could so somekinda giwe away. So, link this blog to yuor friend and tell them to follow it!

But for the bissnes.

My friend Marika (her blog here ) show'd me this music video. i got kinda obsessed about it. I love chubby girls with tiny feet and oh lala that make up! I haven been thinking doing somekinda photoshoot for this it is.

I'll be cosplaying/photoshootin as Cherry. Haha, first time i dont have to suck my tummy in! I once alredy tried the make up. But it's not perfect. Just a test version before the final look.

Hmmm...nosehair. The yellow/orange one is not done. Not happy with the color. aaannd....anyway it's just a testing shot. I'm gonna need to get contac lenses with it too. Not sure about the hair thou. Should i dye my own hair for it, or get a wig. Or if i'm lucky, someone of my friends has a short mintgreen wig to borrow.But everything else is easy to do. My friend who is reeeeellllllyyyyy taaallll would wanna come as bouncer. We alreyd know how we could do the "woodenclooset" look. Wait what? You dont know what woodenclooset is? Well. There's a normal men. Then manly mans who are little pit bigger, and then there is woodencloosets ´, who are rpetty much huge and theyr shoulders are relly wide. But yeah, not sure how could my friend come to the photoshoot because she has her school. And work. Ofcourse she sayd we shoul cosplay them in a real cosplay event. It would be great to have Fox and Mink then too!
YEAAHHH...i can finally have a cosplay where i can do this kinda make up. And in the photoshoot spill some paint everywhere. Hohohohoho <3

But yeah. Nothing else now! BAI!!

tiistai 6. syyskuuta 2011

Tracon VI part 2

Time for part 2. This is gonna be like random entry about Tracon. More writing and less pictures. I guess. Well some random pictures ofcourse, but not so much main cosplay pictures. More like showing my wounds. Soooo. Tracon went by, it relly was a great con! Nothing relly went wrong, it was all fun.


I cosplayed Strawberry Panic with my friend Suski (aka Ginga). We decided to make the cosplays in a short notice. I had to make mine in one day. Day before going to tampere. Oh lord...dont ask me how i made it. because i'm gonna tell it..! I know i should start my costumes in time. BUUUT..sometimes it's imbossiple. But i didnt have the money in time... The tracon was 3-4..and i got my money 1th day. And 2th day we had to be going alredy. Well, i did have like over 24hours to do it. Kinda. Morning i got up early, get my money and fabrigs. Started to do the costume as soon i could. I got busy, but oh wait.. thats not all. I got my..Khmr..perdiot that day. Imgaine the pain and in the same time trying to do your costume. I didnt get my tummy ache. but my legs just hurted so much, i alsmost got teary eye. But some time went time and it started to look good. i had to make new patterns...Never have done a dress like that. I cant belive it i even got it look like this, even thou it's not perfect. But i was happy. The white dress under it was easy to do. Just cut some fabrig and sew them together. lol. Only thing that was RELLY hard to me was the collar. Oh my god..i just...hated to do it. But in the end it looked good. But....din din dii *doom music*..i had to spray paint it white. It was like this fake leather..and me and my partned thinkled it would be good to use it, because the holes was easier to cut then. True. BUT...when i got to tampere, friday evening i noticed something bad. It has gone all sticky. So not good,. it wasnt dry enough. But, next morning at saturday....i hotglued white fabrig on it. it looked good. But i burned my hand. Kinda bad. Here's a picture. You know when gluegun get relly hot, like it's STEAMING..Weell..... auts. I didnt scream, or cry. I just kidna pited my lip and hoped it cools off. But it burned my skin off little pit. Yesterday i tryed to rip one part off, heh...little pit bloody it was. I didnt have time to scream! Saturday morning was soooooooooooooo busy.
We got relly nice pictured that day. Many people asked our picture and told uss Strawberry panic is theyr favourite show etc....Khrm. I had to say, i have watched only 4episode of it. And i dont relly like THAT much. I just think yuri series are boring, but i loved the dresses they had. And character desing was relly pretty.
Can can like a boss.

Here's not all the photoshoot pictures. I just havent got them all yet form my friend who took them. But if you are interested to see her work, here's her blog;

Me and my two friend and one extra girl were sleeping saturday-sunday night at Motel that was relly close to Tracon. Like next building. it was relly nice, and cost us 25€ by person. Not much if you think that it's so close.

Here's by the video from tracon VI.

Well saturday went by. it was relly nice and i had so much fun!

Sorry, i dont have the Hellsing photoshoot pictures yet. Just the ones i got randomly. But they are coming! First thing i had to do sunday, was got there in time. I was at cosplay-date. I got my friend to film it. So i'll but it on youtube in some point. The cosplay-date wntr relly well, but i freaked out little pit... When i noticed i didnt get a paper where i had my questons down. Last time they gaved them. But i think i got them in my mind pretty well.. But if i didnt. I'm so sorry about that! Pretty much after that, it was time to find my group. We went photoshooting. After that i met few of my friends and everyone has been looking for me, sorry...i was away for while. But the day was good. But one thing did fail. I lost my nazi necklase. I lost it right after cosplay-date.
Alexander Anderson, Alucard and Pip at the background. He didnt have his wig, it didnt come in time. But he was cool pip still Relly funny and i'm glad he is in our group. We were thinking to go Desucon frostbite as a group again. Better and BIGGER!!We found this younfer Alucard cosplayer too. I asked her to join us for while, because our young Walted wanted. She was relly nice. I hope we meet again!
Me as Rip van Winkle and Dark walter.

Cute little Nazi kitten. We found him too. or our Victoria Seras found her saturday, and asked him to join us sunday. Glad he joined.

And for last random picture. Serenity, Mari-anne and me. Derp hard, live long!

Next and the last part i will be showing photoshoot pictures only. I hope.