torstai 29. joulukuuta 2011


It's time to coming back to the bissness. How you guys been and what you been up to?
Christmas came and go... plaplaplaa Enough with cristmas talk!

I have been doing my friends Amane cosplay for Strawberry Panic! group we have at Desucon frostbite, and it's looking good. Still finishing the dress, the bow is done! And it's relly..cute.

I did notice the bow i made is maybe little pit too..big? But thats not a big deal, i can easily make it smaller. The diamond..thing is still little pit..undone.


Oh yeah... i had to transfrom into a Rip van Winkle once again. New Hellsing HQ is coming...

Ulalalal..what a sexy back!..Or not.

But wait..where is Rip's glasses? You will find out when you watch the next episode.

perjantai 23. joulukuuta 2011

Christmas is coming and mystery shoes?

I baked meringue cookies for saturday! Yeah, i's just sugar and egg. But thats the best part! I didnt have any food coloring in the house, so i ended up doing them white. But somehow they still managed to look kinda brown'ish... They look like
something salty! Wich is funny because they are super sweet.

I had some left over battern so i made a "cake" of it. This was the only mold we still had free, the real cakemold is alredy taken. And you know what i did? I ate this one in 2 days...yup. Well, it's not that big piece. And i drink some tea with it, so it will tone down the sweet taste. But looooove it!

Oh yeah, as you have noticed. I have new picture up there, it's not done yet..buuut yeah. Some of the pictures didnt manage to work..

Last but not least.....can you say what charachter owns these shoes? It's relly easy actually..But yeah. I will be photoshooting it soon as i get well. I have major flu right now.

But now.... I have to go. MARRY CHRISTMAS ALL!

tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2011

Cosplay tricks and tips part 3

Crossplay make up

This next topic is relly simple and not so orgina.. haha x''D

But some people have come and asked me some tips about this many times, so i thinkd this might be a good think to talk about. I cant do a video tutorial now, because i dont have the main make up home..yet. But i hope some of these old tutorials can help, and this new "fantastic" drawing i just made!

Apple face

Lets say your face is relly round naturally, nothing to do with your body fat. It's narutally round and no cheek bones relly noticeable. And when you try do normal crosplay make up, using shadow on just dosent look right. More like dirt on your face. Becasue of the shabe. What then you should do?

(click to see fullsize)
On the left you see a apple face without any make up. And on the right, the finish look. With apple face you should
focus on your eyes and nose. And top lib. Contour your nose more straight and long.The shadow should touch your eyebrows little pit. Just make sure to blend good, so it dosent look so obvious. And give your eyes little pit more narrow look. Not so puppy eyes. And please, ( i say this to everyone ) dont use black eyeliner, it's way too harsh. Use dark brown. Mix diffrent shades together. The lib thing is option. I have seen few cosplays done that, and it actually looks kinda good when you have toned down your own lipcolor with foundation and then used light brown on your lips. Or just used the color inside your lips, where your lips meet. Try it!

Basic tutorial.
Sorry, this one is in finnish, but mainly you are from finland anyway so it's ok.

(click to see full size)

And the last but not old video tutorial.

These days i mighr change things in the video, but cant now. But it's been helpfull for other..So maybe it's gonna be helpfull here too x'D

See you next topic!

sunnuntai 27. marraskuuta 2011

Cosplay tricks and tips part 2

So i'm once again here! Giving you more helpful tips for cosplay. These next videous are pretty much for you who are not so good at patterns. Because i know i'm not...
And buyng patters might be expensive or you cant find the right ones in internet, or they are just wierd and hard to understand.

Here is the first one. I'm sure this will go with many many cosplay, because i have alredy few in mind.

Okey, this next one is very very very easy circle skirt. But i figured out to show it anyway, just in case!

Finisgung touches for your cosplay!

tiistai 22. marraskuuta 2011

Cosplay tricks and tips.

I have been a bad bad bad girl, for not ubdating this. Sorry about that! But here i am, and i hope you enjoy my next thing i'm yapping about.

I kinda wanted do a short blog now,but also veru useful and helpful. Not normal tutorials how to do make fake diamonds or curl your wig etc.... So here are some tricks and tips cosplayer can use when you dont know what to do.

First video is how to color your ryrbrows, even if they are thick and relly dark! You have seen those who shave theyr eyebrows off, but if you dont wanna do that..and you wanna have the right color on your eyebrows. Here is your saviour.

Cant find a iron in your hotel room (or it's alredy taken and you dont have time for waiting?) and your cosplay is relly wrinkly? Here is an awezome trick! I have testes this, it worked wonderfully! I'm sure some of you alredy know this, but i didnt before this video.

I hoped i had this tip when i cosplayd Mousse last Animecon... my costume was sooo wrinkly and the girl who i stayed with, didnt have an iron. *headdesk*

You're wearing heels that are new, and they are relly slippy? Well, here is a good tip i wanna share. Just watch the video and you know why! Just one thing that is not told in the video, this will be good for boots also.

Hope you enjoyd these tricks and tips! More comin up later!

tiistai 8. marraskuuta 2011

Cosplay photoshoots.

I have a plan to go photoshoot this weekend, if my plans go well. I got little pit of my inspiration back this morning, wich is wierd because i'm not a morning person.
Not gonna tell you yet what i'm photoshooting, because if my plans go well i will dissapoint you all. So just wait.
Talking about photoshoot. I got a place for our Strawberry panic! group. Where we can have decent group shots and not getting a frostbites all over. As you might know, we are having this group at Desucon frostbite, saturday. It's cold and inside the con there is not room for photoshoot. So i rented a place for us, wich is not far away from the con. And we got it free! Now i just have to info this to our photographers,xdsjachnjkdsvk..yeah. I'm excited! I made this because i dont relly wanna have a great group, but then only few good pictures...and.. Photobombin Naruto at the background? No thank you.
And this might sound wierd, but i dont want snowy SP pictures, In the serie...i dont rememner see'ing any snow. Do you?
I want to have IC pictures, becasue i've had enough bad cosplay pictures. No more!
I know cosplayer also needs to know how to look good, or something like that. But, photographer can make you look good, if she/he knows what to do and help the cosplayer to say "that pose looks off" or something like that. I'm not relly good front of camera, so i like if photographer helps to hide my flaus. And i hate when it happens when you have a great costume, you relly love it, but every picture off it is..paparazzi or just..bad. And i dont wanna a picture where everyone is just standing, i want it to look like a movie! You know, still picture from a movie. Or something like that, just..not boring!
But ofcourse i always want some of derplicius pictures that makes me giggle!

maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2011

Rousukes 100+ followers giveaway

I usually dont do these kinda post, but here we go.

Awezome giweaway!!

And here you can look more closely for the prizes! BECUSE THERE ARE WEZOME!

keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2011

i'm a avarge person

I'll promise make a picture entry next time. Now i just wanna talk about something little pit more serius. And ask if you have ever made a contact with this thing....
Picture under pretty much tells you what i am talking about. And yes, it's including cosplay.
One thing what is sadly happening, is talking bad someones cosplay you dont know. One case i know personally, is....One Miku Hatsune cosplayer didnt haver her shoes. She had normal sneekers, and i heard this another person i know (not gonna tell who) sayd she was a bad and fail Miku, because of the missing shoes. BUT other than that, she looked pretty good to me. This made me little upset. How can anyone say, someone's cosplay is fail, only because of one thing? OKey, here is little thins that could have happend for the MIku; She forgot the shoes at home, she lost them OR maybe she's not a serius cosoplayer. What is good..i mean, that kinda serius who dosent cry blood every time she does a cosplay. Maybe she's not going for a contest with this costume, so it's ok not to be perfect. Well thats what i think. Just have fun! And yes, i do like when people follow the orginal desing of the costume, but if you can deal with some part, well that happens for everyone in one point! I have once had to be the "victim" (yes, i know there are many anom people who think i suck pretty much with every cosplay..)I cosplayd Sailor Venus, the costume was done in 4 days. And i didnt have enough time, or fabrig for the bow in her back. So i didnt do it, it was just for Tsukicon, so i didnt wanna make a big deal of it. But soon later i heard some things. People talking how fail i was etc.. Wich was sad, because i relly liked my Sailor Venus anyway. The skirt was so fun to wear and i loved the wig. Only thing i hated was the shoes, they totally killed my toes.
Ofcourse i find mistakes from the costume today. But back then i loved it! I felted awezome and like i could do anything now, but right after i heard all the things, I got sad...then mad. But, i cant please eveyrone.
What about those who talk bad behind you only because you cosplayd character she/he was gonna do? I admid it, i have few times been mad because of this. But because i didnt want the character go mainstream., but i didnt talk crap about the cosplayer. I was more like "nooooooooooooooo D8 *jealous* ". But yes indeed, there are thos who do speak bad. Or just if you have both done the same cosplay, other speaks about how much better she was, because of thing A and B. ....C...D...E. It's ok to feel good about own cosplay. But when everyone else thinks you're not THAT awezome, it's just kinda akward. One thing i cant stand is "i was so much thinnger than her, so i was awezome. " Ppffhht..yeah. Cant stand..
Weight issue isn't fun to hear. Or skincolor...
How you guys come across with these things? Someone maybe talked bad behind you? Your friend? These are the things what scares the cosplayers.
I have a close friend, who wants to cosplay so bad, and she would be relly good at it. But some reason, she thinks people are gonna HATE HER if she cosplays. H-A-T-E! Thats ridiculous!
But. I have nothing else to say, but please do comment and tell me if you have someting in your heart. And yes, lets put this thing to stop.
Love you all.

perjantai 28. lokakuuta 2011

Hallo! Sorry i have not been writing like i have told you guys i will. But i havent got anythign to write. But now i have.

Okey. First thing i have to tell yuo guys, the little barbie cosplay contest is cancelled. For while. Because i didnt have time to tell about it all over, and there was no people in know. How lame, i know. Like Eric Cartman says, LAME! But i will have it before crismas, same theme. So dont worry about that.

Second thing, our Strawberry panic! group is finally full! We are going to have it at Desucon frostbtie, the first day. I am also getting us a photoshoot place out of the con, it's not far away. And not outside, i dont my girls to get frostbite all over theyr........asses.

I did a small make up for a contest, for MissPixieLulus. Not sure how she likes it, but i was happy about it somehow. I was gonna do the theeth in diffrent way, but didnt have the suplies. Soooo....yeah.

Cant tell you guys yet what i'm gonna cosplay for desucon frostbite 2th day. I was gonna do Mad Moxxi, but i have to think it again, because if i have to outside in that costume, i will get a serius frostbites on my...butt.

Nothing else right now to tell. See ya!

perjantai 14. lokakuuta 2011

Avatar and false eyelashes....75 pairs.

I got mail todayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I have about a week ago ordered big kit of false eyelashes. Some of them will be part in the halloween contest.(prize) 60 pairs top lashes! Longer, fuller and more natural lashes. And the 7th box is what i got from my friend. Bottom lashes and it has 15 pairs. 3 diffrent kinda lashes. Oh, and i got a lash glue too.

Bottom lashes has so much cuter box than the other ones.
The 60 pairs what i got, cotest only 5dollars. Ebay is my friend, yesshh. These will help me in tutorials and with cosplay ofcourse. Photoshoots..etc. The list goes on and on. This is the first time thou i have bottom lashes!

Speaking of tutorials..i made one!

Hate or like it. I'm happy about it. First time ever doing bold wig cap. Yeas, i know it looks like a condom of the head in one poin. I did fix it later on. reason why it does that, because i didnt glue it back. I filmed it 3am and was gonna wahs it away anyway. And it's alot easier when you have someone to help you with it.

Also, me and my friend Rousuke filmed small live-action cosplay about Nemi.

I have been thinking this Nemi idea for a while now. And this was kinda testing it still, not perfect. But it was fun to do. And it's wierd, how this kinda small clip took us long to film! Alot of blooperts..yesh.

Well. This is all for now. Bye!

tiistai 11. lokakuuta 2011


I know this is a cosplay blog, but i want to share you a little sotry about a wonderful boy who stole my heart. And bring me alot of happines and laughter. Even thou he was little naughty boy time to time. I met him when i was 11-years old. He had big head and small body. Big ears like Dumbo from the disney cartoon, and the cutest big paws. My mom didnt want us a dog anymore, but she fell in love with him too. So we got him from my sisters friend. We named her Roni Valdemar. But we called him Puupu, Pupsi and Muumi. many nicknames.

He stole food, barket to the door. Sometimes pulls you with him outside when you are walking. But he learned his lessons.

What a wondeful dog.

Last weekend he got sick. He was alredy old dog. almost 13. The story what habbened this weekend is very long and painful. Alot of tears. And after it all i ahet this towns pet doctors. I want to nuke them all...not a joke.

Today. At 3pm(kolmelta) he sleep away. My precious boy. The boy who i loved the most of all.

R.I.P Pupsi. I will miss you forever. I hope the pain is now gone and you can run on the clouds with new friends. My tears will fade some day, but not soon. But my love for you will never fade away.
Picture of my boy. You can see sugar on his face, because he had stole one baked roll.

lauantai 8. lokakuuta 2011

Halloween contest!!!!

I'll be holding a small contest. And the due day is halloween day. Ofcourse. You still have time to do this, so dont worry. But what is the contest?

I have always loved barbies. I still own my barbie car what i've had since i was 7. Love it. But..i dont have my barbie dolls anymore sadly. They got stolen, but that's a another story what i'm not gonna tell you now.

What i did.
I bought used old Barbie doll from flea market. It costed like 1€. It was blond and dirty. I wanted to do something with it, and i got this idea. I made her a Witch cosplay from Left 4 dead. First i removed her face/make up with nail polish remover, spray painted her white. Then i cutted her hair and..yeah, i glued her new hair, so it was similar what Witch has. Then i sew'd her a costume and put little pit make up on!

Barbie cosplaying for halloween.
The contest rules are; buy used old barbie or just use your own (or your sisters own if you wanna be mean) and dress her up for cosplay. It can be any character, from disney, anime, games..anything. And when you have done that. Take pictures about it. Better background for the cosplay, better picture. You HAVE to be follower of this blog. So accound needed. I cant choose the winner if you dont have it. When you have done your barbie, photoshooted. Write your entry in your blog, and link it to THIS entry. You can tell about the project, what have you done etc. And why you choosed the cosplay for her. You can do many barbies as you want, but i will only watch ONE of them. So choose carefully your barbie. You can use disney princes dresses what barbies alredy have, but orginality is ALWAYS the most fun way to do your own barbie. And ofcourse, the due date is the halloween day.

Here is example picrures what i did with my Witch/barbie.

Ofcourse you can know what the prizes are.

  • New wig
  • false eyelashes with multiple choises
  • eyeshadow kit for any cosplay
  • liquid latex bottle
Because i have only 36 readres, the prize is only for one person. One winner. But if i get more followers and more entrys to this contest, there will be 2th and 3th winner also. So link this to your friends and get them interested!

I will repost this entry later on if there is contest entries/followers more, and there i will show you PICTURES of the prizes. And also the 2th and 3th places prizes too.

Happy contest time!

keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2011

Sookie Stackhouse.

Finally a cosplay entry. Yay! So, i had Sookie Stackhouse cosplay photoshoot. She's from True blood, but i think you alredy know that. Idea to cosplay her came out from my friend, who told i look like the actress. And...i kinda agreed. I once tried to do a make-up look about her, with a crappy wig thou....Now i had better one, but still planning to get a perfect one!!one!!
My friend Marika (her blog : ) took these pictures for me. I had this cosplay done for Animecon alredy, but didnt wear it. So it was time to take som pictures of it....finally.

I relly like this one! The lightning is so .....dark. I dont know how to say it, but it just seems dark! Creepy.
I'm not usually into straight-forward-pictures. Because i'm not good at it. I'm kinda scared to look to anyones eyes, and looking straight to the camera feels almost the same to me. But, this didn't look so bad picture. So here you go.

I will be photoshooting more with Sookie cosplay, with a better wig just. And i'm ordering real True blood bottles home, so i can be a REAL waitress. Muhahaha.... Just wish i had Eric or Bill. But those two seem to be little pit hard to get. But i'm thinbking to ask my friend Senni to cosplay Jessica for me. Because i think she looks alot like her. Ofcourse i dont look Sookies twin or anything, but i will do it better and better...Atleast try.. But yeah.

Sorry to keep this entry short, but gotta go!

xoxo Ane.

maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2011

Costume playing aka photo spammiN!

Me and my friend Minna was photoshooting today. It was costume playing, not cosplaying. I found some clothes from my closet, and dressed her and did her make up. Yeas, there was an actual idea of the dark eyebrows.

But the theme itself wasnt that sepcial. But it was fun! I love photographing, i love styling and i love to do make up! My other passion side make up is photographing. And dreaming little job in somekinda magazine..

I dont like bictures where a model is just standing front of wall. Pictures should be more 3D! Okey, i'm not a pro..dah! But i just know what i like, and what i dont like.

This isnt my favourite. But i kinda liked it. We didnt havemuch shots where she hold the berries.

This might be my favourite! I dont know why...the colors. I notices the yellow leafes AFTER shooting. I didnt but them there, but they worked indeed...
Didnt like this one so much. I'm more into "fashion/couture/beuty" shooting. This is just a girl sitting middle of the trees to me. But it's ok, but not so ok to put it on DA. Eventhou i spam there.

We missed the light in one point, so it's dark, i know. But it's kinda nice here. The look in her eye tells you she has a secred.

Ofcourse i asked Minna to spin for me with that dress! Lucky to me, some of them worked. But 70% of them didnt.

Yes, i have an issue with "double-pictures". Cant tell you why, but i just have it. But i'm trying to cut it down little pit. But it's hard!

Ofcourse i shoot also cosplay pictures! But i havent got cosplay models now, bit here's some my old work.

Here's not all. But i'm laredy stuffed this entry full of pictures. So i'm gonna quit now, before it exploses!

If anyone is interested to model for me, i would be more than happy!