tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2012

Kitacon...getting some tanned...again?

Whoop! It's only 2 days and i'm off to Kemi! I cant wait! No no no no.. i'm not going there because of Kitacon. Way too small event to go there just because of that, BUT..i dont mind ....i'll be comoing there. it just happens to be there at the same time.

You will see me there cosplaying Euphemia, from Code Geass. Dont be scared to say hello, i love meeting new people!

I will bring camera with me there, so i can photograph little pit more this time. Khrm.."little pit". ...(beware of the spam alredy)

Now, lets talk about my obsession with dark skin *____*

I am not sure yet, but might be taking my Yue cosplay with me to Kemi. It's not 100% done yet, but i have time to make it!

character is from Avatar the last airbender..and IF i bring it with me, i will have amazing pictures FINALLY taken at a GREAATTT place. At the Snowcastle(Lumilinna)

I do like the character and i love how i could finally use that snowcastle for a photoshoot. But.. not sure yet.

Yue is not the only tanned/dark skinned character i like. As you can see....i have done tanned girls alot...well..no much but..more than few!

But if i dont take Yue's cosplay with me, i will take another tanned fellow with me :B..KEH..KEH...KEH...


perjantai 27. tammikuuta 2012

Shizuma Hanaso cosplay

It's time to talk about my Desucon frostbite Shizuma cosplay.
You guys alredy know, this was a reused cosplay. I made this cosplay orginally for Tracon. And..i made it in one day...before laving. Lovely and painfull memories..haa..it turn out pretty good. But the collar and hand thingies didnt work so much. They were painfull to make..Literally, i still have the purn marks on my hand from the cluegun! Also, the white skirt turn out to be too long.. but managed to work it out somehow. (Dear god knows how..)

Why this character?
Personally i dont love this serie, but the black unforms seemed relly pretty! And the serie is watchable..and..i relly wanted to cosplay Yuri..finally! My friend Ginga was agreed to be my partner as Nagisa.

Making it.

I got the fabrigs for the cosplay day before leaving and i had never done that kinda petters for anykinda costume. So making it was pretty much crying..and drinking energy drinks so i keep making it. I did somekinda patterns for the collar and the hand thingies before that...The orginal idea was using somekidna latex..


The ponytail versio was two wigs mixed together. But at frostbite i decided to go open hair version of Shizuma. Because it's insanly HEAVY to wear!


Orginally we did have the whole group, but few girls had to drop out from diffrent reasons. So we are having a photoshoot someday i hope.

tiistai 24. tammikuuta 2012

Wolf's Rain cosplay

As i promised, i will now talk about more closely about my Desucon frostbite cosplays. One by one. I'll start with Blue and then the next one will be Shizuma.

Okey, how we start this thing...oh yeah.

Why i choosed to cosplay Blue?

Personally, it took me a forever to start to watch the anime, i'm relly lazy and i..forget things. But i always liked the character desings BEFORE i even touched the serie. I fell in love Blue's look. Tanned skin, bright blue eyes.

Only thing i waited to cosplay her FOREVEERRRRR was the eyes. My eyes are almost black, and Blue is nothing without her blue eyes... And sadly i need relly strongly thick and higly pikmented contacts...But i did finally.

Why i cosplayd her now?

Desucon frostbite is WINTER con, so i relly wanted cosplay something that goes with winter theme..and in the serie there is snow...alot of it. And this was low budjet cosplay. Then my close friend Johnny(Johanna) came to me and sayd, she could cosplay Hige. Now..Johnny hasnt cosplays sinze 2008, so this was a HUGE thing to me. And she's perfect Hige! And she lived in Kouvola wich is close to Lahti so..easy to come to Desucon frostbite.

How i made it?
Dont kill me now..but i didnt do the jacket. Okey..i made SOME of it. I got this huge ass mens trench coat from fleemarket. It cost about 10€ It was beige, was very long..touching pretty much to the ground. Shouilders had these...thingies that i had to get rid off. And i cutted the sleeves and insert them back in. And ofcourse make it smaller. Because ...well, it was like a TENT. I had to also dye it ofcourse, I did use fabrig coloring, but i didnt get the color dark enough. It's not grey,m it's not black..or blue. It's like.......99% black. 1%blue/grey. Finlly i used Palet's texile paint..... Yup. Pretty much i painted my jacket. The shoe coverins wehere and ASS to make...And i had to pretty much glue them on my skin to stay up. I reeeeeeeeeeeelly have to remake them....


I was sad because so many Wolf's rain cosplayers usually go "lazy" with the effort. Not saying names or calling ugly things, but.... They usuallt think this serie is EASY TO COSPLAY, so..they get the costume pieces that are "something like that". And dont get some time to make then look close as possible..c'moon people D''8 So even thou i still have to fix this costume, i'm preeettyy happy with it. It dosent look "something like that" it looks Blue. One of the rare coplays i'm actually broud off.

Me checking my contacts..they had a habbid to derp herp.

So..i relly had a good day cosplaying her! It was comfy costume and i loved my company <3



torstai 19. tammikuuta 2012

After the Frostbite..

This will be short blog about Frostbite, showing just nthe pictures i took other people...wich..is not much. Because i didnt plan to take any pictures this weekend, but i borrowed my friend's camera before she had to go. The next blog will be about the whole thing and about my own costumes, what went wrong etc..I promise! Still just waiting some pictures to do that.

Rezon my buddy......you are amazing Ikkaku *Q*

My friend Ginga as Gackpoid.

Few friend who had a great Ao no exorist group!

Niina, you make a great Karin! Kairi......what was the name again?

Amazin Metel <3 Tiia!

See you soon!!

sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2012

"handsome" vampire/playing with make up

I got a little challenge to create a "handsome" vampire look. Meaning a crosplay make up for a woman. So i did, and personally i liked it, but ofcourse there is always few things i would do better and diffrent. But this i just one way to do it so..

Please thumbs up and comment and sub.

Inspiration for the look.

Lately i have been watchin alot vampire movies..nothing new thou. I tried to watch Fright Night, the remake. But didnt relly like it...So i didnt finish it. ..but somehow i watched the Twilight..the 3th. BEFORE YOU JUDGE, i dont hate the movies. But i dont like them neither..But only thing i relly hate the director. I think twilight movies could have it alot better...

Ofcourse i do laugh to Twilight memes, they are hilarius..but i dont like when people call that belle actor butt ugly and...you know..stuff. I think she's kinda cute, and the "lip-thing" she does as Bell, well..in the book she does it. So good job!

Finishing this i will just submit some of my favourite twilight memes here;

What a way open 2012 writing......