torstai 29. joulukuuta 2011


It's time to coming back to the bissness. How you guys been and what you been up to?
Christmas came and go... plaplaplaa Enough with cristmas talk!

I have been doing my friends Amane cosplay for Strawberry Panic! group we have at Desucon frostbite, and it's looking good. Still finishing the dress, the bow is done! And it's relly..cute.

I did notice the bow i made is maybe little pit too..big? But thats not a big deal, i can easily make it smaller. The diamond..thing is still little pit..undone.


Oh yeah... i had to transfrom into a Rip van Winkle once again. New Hellsing HQ is coming...

Ulalalal..what a sexy back!..Or not.

But wait..where is Rip's glasses? You will find out when you watch the next episode.

perjantai 23. joulukuuta 2011

Christmas is coming and mystery shoes?

I baked meringue cookies for saturday! Yeah, i's just sugar and egg. But thats the best part! I didnt have any food coloring in the house, so i ended up doing them white. But somehow they still managed to look kinda brown'ish... They look like
something salty! Wich is funny because they are super sweet.

I had some left over battern so i made a "cake" of it. This was the only mold we still had free, the real cakemold is alredy taken. And you know what i did? I ate this one in 2 days...yup. Well, it's not that big piece. And i drink some tea with it, so it will tone down the sweet taste. But looooove it!

Oh yeah, as you have noticed. I have new picture up there, it's not done yet..buuut yeah. Some of the pictures didnt manage to work..

Last but not least.....can you say what charachter owns these shoes? It's relly easy actually..But yeah. I will be photoshooting it soon as i get well. I have major flu right now.

But now.... I have to go. MARRY CHRISTMAS ALL!

tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2011

Cosplay tricks and tips part 3

Crossplay make up

This next topic is relly simple and not so orgina.. haha x''D

But some people have come and asked me some tips about this many times, so i thinkd this might be a good think to talk about. I cant do a video tutorial now, because i dont have the main make up home..yet. But i hope some of these old tutorials can help, and this new "fantastic" drawing i just made!

Apple face

Lets say your face is relly round naturally, nothing to do with your body fat. It's narutally round and no cheek bones relly noticeable. And when you try do normal crosplay make up, using shadow on just dosent look right. More like dirt on your face. Becasue of the shabe. What then you should do?

(click to see fullsize)
On the left you see a apple face without any make up. And on the right, the finish look. With apple face you should
focus on your eyes and nose. And top lib. Contour your nose more straight and long.The shadow should touch your eyebrows little pit. Just make sure to blend good, so it dosent look so obvious. And give your eyes little pit more narrow look. Not so puppy eyes. And please, ( i say this to everyone ) dont use black eyeliner, it's way too harsh. Use dark brown. Mix diffrent shades together. The lib thing is option. I have seen few cosplays done that, and it actually looks kinda good when you have toned down your own lipcolor with foundation and then used light brown on your lips. Or just used the color inside your lips, where your lips meet. Try it!

Basic tutorial.
Sorry, this one is in finnish, but mainly you are from finland anyway so it's ok.

(click to see full size)

And the last but not old video tutorial.

These days i mighr change things in the video, but cant now. But it's been helpfull for other..So maybe it's gonna be helpfull here too x'D

See you next topic!